Sampling & Prototyping

You can’t beat a full colour sample when it comes to visualising your new product, at Artmossphere we offer both colour and plain white pre production samples. If you don’t have the graphics ready and you just want to see how the physical product would look then a plain white sample maybe the only option. If you do have the graphics, or if you like we can provide this service, a full colour sample is as close to the final product as you are going to get. We can do the additional spot UV, embossing and fancy finishing but this will cost a little more. This is ideal if you want to do some advance marketing where product photography would give a advance snapshot of a new launch item.

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to handle the sample or show off exactly how it might look at a board meeting or at an investment meeting.

When new product is launched the product packaging becomes a vital part of how the product is presented and can be the difference between a success or disappointing launch.

If you need more information about any of the services outlined please call us on 07827 952229 to discuss in greater detail, we are always ready for a chat to discuss how we can bring your ideas to life.

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